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Was I dreaming, or did I really hear this great radio story?

I wanted to point you folks to this great radio story, but now I can't find it. I could have sworn I heard it on Tuesday afternoon, and I thought that I heard it on All Things Considered, but I'm not finding it on their web site. I know I took a nap that afternoon and heard it while I was drowsy, but I didn't think I dreamed it! Did anyone else hear a radio story about "fat chicks shopping"? The "fat chick" in question was only a size 16, to tell you the truth, but she was shopping in Hollywood, where she was looked at as if she was obese. She told stories about being ushered into back rooms and clandestinely shown the same styles that were available in the front of the store, but in larger sizes.

One of the stories she told really stuck with me. It was about a young woman, six feet tall, a real athlete and very well off, who went shopping for a size 10 wedding dress in Hollywood. She was laughed to scorn at one shop and told that they didn't carry plus sizes there. This is the same kind of thing we were discussing a few months ago. Unfortunately, it corroborates the earlier story.

My friends, the rich and thin are still not living in the same world as the rest of us. It really took me aback to realize that I, at size 12, would be considered fat, maybe even obese, by these women. If I had enough money to shop in these stores, I wouldn't. I'd take my money to a fine vintage boutique or have my clothes made for me.

If anyone knows what show this story aired on, please let us all know so that we can look for a link to it. I'm sure that everyone would enjoy it.
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