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selfinthemirror's Journal

Body Image
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for people seeking intelligent, thoughtful discussions about issues of body image. That includes fat, but is not limited to it. There are so many other issues we deal with, including:

How does sexual desire mesh with feelings of being desirable or attractive?
What makes you feel pleased with or proud of your body?
What shame do you feel about your size or looks or health? How can you heal that shame?
How do you handle body-related feelings of weakness or strength, pain or pleasure, grace or clumsiness?
How does body image change as you get older?

Whatever your weight, you are welcome here.

I expect we won't need many rules, but it's always better to make expectations clear:

No flaming.

Honor confidentiality.

Be gentle.

Be respectful.

All entries must be behind LJ cuts. This was requested by several people, and it makes good sense to me. This community is dealing with some hard issues, and we're not all going to be ready to deal with them on any particular day.

No spamming. Ads for other communities are not permitted.

Remember, this community is no substitute for good therapy.